Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Another nail in the coffin of the Japanes orange grower

Japanese TV reported today that over the last decade the consumption of satsuma style oranges has dropped from 300 per person per year to 150 per person per year with the result that Japanese growers are facing financial hardship.

The cause of the reduction is partly the change in the ways people socialise. Previously they would gather in the winter around a warm central point, often a hole in the floor with a heater over which a table was arranged and talk and eat statsumas and watch television. Now they get out more.

The other culprit is fashion. Japanese girls are wearing longer nails and longer nails are just no good for peeling satsumas. Seems that the boys are too pathetic to do their own peeling. These are the steps down which a once great culture stumbles to oblivion.