Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Sir Howard and the Toxic Products

Anthony Hilton in his City Comment column in the Evening Standard on Monday June 9th 2008 pointed out that the authorities were not unaware of what the bankers have been up to over the last few years and that Sir Howard Davies, when head of the FSA, delivered a speech in which "he clearly and explicitly warned about the invention of collaterised debt loan obligations and credit default swaps and described them as toxic."

He went on to say " Nor did you have to attend the dinner to hear the speech. His remarks were reported in this column".

In fact it wasn't a dinner it was the AIRMIC Lecture of January 29th 2002 at the RAC Club. Go to the link below for Roger Miller's report and the quotes on the second page in italics.

Anthony Hilton points out that nothing the FSA could have done would have prevented the current turmoil, the bankers were uninclined to listen and quite capable of moving to more compliant regimes if the FSA had attempted to rein them in.

How we got Sir Howard to speak I will leave for another blog.

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