Friday, 12 December 2008

Do it at home.

Continuining the theme of Japanese risk management there are moments when the micro-management tendencies in Japanese life start to grate.

There is sense is setting out angled lines on narrow platforms to encourage orderly queues three abreast and something that London underground should consider. However the posters suggesting that people pay attention when walking and texting because their line of sight is curtailed seem rather excessive, unless there are lots of manholes left uncovered, which there aren't.

Most Japanese of all was a large poster displayed prominently at many of the subway stations in Tokyo which showed a drunk salaryman ( office worker) lying across several seats on a train having just vomited . The message is "Don't do it on the train, Do it at home". This does not seem to support family values and is just an example of trying to sweep the problem under the tatami.

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