Monday, 16 February 2009

Centuries of risk management

An educational trust, started in 1748, with current reserves of £50,000,000 and an annual disbursement of £1.3 million must be doing something right.

Interesting that when the founder, Sir John Cass, died, his will was not complete and it took 30 years of legal wrangling before the trust was established. It has supported and continues to invest in schools and education requirements for individuals in the City and the east End of London and in 2003 was a major benefactor for the establishment of the Cass Business School.

Over such a long time and with many different trustees the opportunities for feckless or reckless investment decisions would have been considerable, so the success and continuing existence of the Sir John Cass Foundation says a great deal about the wisdom with which the original trust was established and the care with which it has been administered. Human beings do not always have to be ruled by markets.

Sir John Cass's birthday in February 20th. He was born in 1661.

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