Sunday, 17 May 2009

The oldest Builder in Enlgand

The building trade has ever been subject to violent fluctations of supply and demand with many famous companies going to the wall when times got tough.

My favourite builder is a local one, Durtnell Ltd in Brasted Kent. It is a remarkable example of risk management over the centuries having been founded in 1591 and its first acknowledged building, Poundsbridge Manor, built for the Rector of Penshurst William Dartnall the father of the owner of the building company is still standing with a date on its front of 1593.

The company has its offices on land owned by the family since 1496 and is managed by three members from the 12th generation of Durtnell's to run the company. It has a staff of 170 and a turnover of £40,000,000 and as a building business specialises in high quality work.

It is the oldest builder in England and long may it prosper.

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