Friday, 17 October 2008

Not in front of the children

Blue Peter, the children's television programme, has celebrated its 50th anniversary this week. During this half century its presenters have climbed up Nelson's Column, jumped out of aircraft, gone into ice pot holes, caressed pythons in the studio and exposed themselves to all mannner of dangers. Unless I have missed something, which is quite possible because I have never been a regular viewer even when my children were of the appropriate age, there has never been a fatality connected with any of the myriad of stunts that they have done. Says something for the BBC's risk management - I wonder if Blue Peter were the orginator of the famous risk advice " Don't try this at home."

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Andrew Culture said...

Good point, although presenter Janet Ellis was rather badly injured after a parachute jump. Although the fact there have been no fatal injuries may well back up your point!