Friday, 3 October 2008

Who decides on the risk?

A Chief Executive and his Chief Financial Officer, faced with a deteriorating situation in their markets, decide on a drastic course of action, supported by their banker.

Under their governance rules they submit their plan to the risk management committees. The first risk management commitee, having talked through the proposals with the stakeholders refuses to support the plan, which almost causes an apoplectic fit from the Chief Financial Officer who is not used to such detailed risk management consideration of his proposals.

The second risk management committee, composed somewhat differently, then refines the plan, adds some additional controls and benefits and confirms their agreement with it.

It then remains for the first risk management committee to decide whether their concerns and those of the stakeholders have been sufficiently addressed.

Is this a model for future corporate governance and for putting the risk manager right in the centre of the risk management process at the point of the decision?

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